Focused Research: The Weather

Our Focused Research attends to what we call “The Weather:” that bewildering array of short-term pressing issues most immediately impacting the day to day experience of our partners.  Currently, this type of research takes two forms:

Culture Briefing | Each week, we publish a resource called Culture Briefing, a set of articles designed to cultivate cultural wisdom by gathering and showcasing important ideas and conversations. Our hope is that, in time, this resource will help our readers better understand the world we inhabit—both its great challenges to human flourishing, and its real possibilities for enduring change. 

Vocation and the Common Good | In collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia, we are assembling working groups of leading scholars and practitioners in nine vocational sectors—Medicine, Law, Art, Technology, Education, Clergy, Business, Philanthropy, and Governance—who will conduct theological, historical, and sociological research on the meaning and shape of faithful vocational presence in their field.

Foundational Research: The Climate

Our Foundational Research attends to what we call “The Climate.” These are the issues that, though less immediately evident in the daily experience of our lives, nonetheless have a profound impact on the shape of our culture and what it means to pursue the common good within it. 


We take the insights of both our Focused and Foundational research and translate them into accessible educational materials for practitioners across of variety of vocational sectors. To that end, we offer onsite educational seminars and are developing online educational modules on topics such as the meaning of culture, the features of late-modern culture, the formation of virtuous leaders, the meaning of civic institutions, the possibilities of civic thriving, and strategies for civic change.  

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We offer consulting services to individuals and institutions around the world, seeking to help them understand the character of their respective vocational spheres, the challenges and opportunities they face as they labor in those spheres, and the individual and institutional practices required to meet those challenges and opportunities with faithfulness.

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We both host and attend gatherings of cultural and institutional leaders who seek to thoughtfully and wisely contribute to civic thriving through a deep understanding of our particular cultural moment. In this context we seek to encourage these leaders in the importance of their work and equip them to understand its role in the creation of a new city commons.

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