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What is the Meaning Behind These Categories?

These categories are intended to orient you to the substance of the article and to communicate our framework for understanding the endowments that constitute civic life. This “human ecology” model is at the core of the Thriving Cities Project, a research initiative of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture.

The Sustainable

Working class white Americans are now dying in middle age at faster rates than minority groups

Deaths by drugs, alcohol, and suicide—what researchers call “deaths of despair”—are rising in nearly every area of the nation.

By Alison Burke | Vol. 90

The Sustainable

What Happens at Home When People Can’t Depend on Stable Work

UVA sociologist Allison Pugh connects the rise in deaths of despair to the instability of America’s labor market.

By Allison J. Pugh | Vol. 90

The Sustainable

When a drug epidemic’s victims are white

Solving the heroin and opioid epidemic must begin with a frank recognition of the failures of empathy that marked previous attempts to address drug addiction in America.

By German Lopez | Vol. 90

The Sustainable

Drug firms poured 780M painkillers into WV amid rise of overdoses

Part 1 of Eyre’s investigation into the opioid supply chain in West Virginia.

By Eric Eyre | Vol. 78

The Sustainable

'Suspicious' drug order rules never enforced by state

Part 2 of Eyre’s investigation into the opioid supply chain in West Virginia.

By Eric Eyre | Vol. 78

The Sustainable

Drug maker thwarted plan to limit OxyContin prescriptions at dawn of opioid epidemic

Armstrong uncovers important documentation showing the power of pharmaceutical companies to thwart regulation from state agencies.

By David Armstrong | Vol. 78

The Sustainable

'Drug Dealer, M.D.': Misunderstandings And Good Intentions Fueled Opioid Epidemic

In a new book, Drug Dealer, MD, Stanford Psychiatrist Anna Lembke argues we should view this crisis is as the merger of “Big Pharma” with big medicine.

By Anna Lembke & Terry Gross | Vol. 78

The Sustainable

America’s Workforce Runs on Uppers

Bielamowicz’s piece historicize the rise of Adderall by recognizing the degree to which America’s workforce has often “run on amphetamines.”

By Kate Bielamowicz | Vol. 68

The Sustainable

Generation Adderall

Schwartz chronicles her own dependence on Adderall, which began during her second year of college and persisted throughout her 20s.

By Generation Adderall | Vol. 68

The Sustainable

Risky alone, deadly together

In this central California town, accidental overdoses among white women have tripled, and suicides have doubled, since 1999.

By Kimberly Kindy & Dan Keating | Vol. 61

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