Reimagining the Common Good


What is the Meaning Behind These Categories?

These categories are intended to orient you to the substance of the article and to communicate our framework for understanding the endowments that constitute civic life. This “human ecology” model is at the core of the Thriving Cities Project, a research initiative of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture.

The Sustainable

Letting Go

Gawande’s seminal 2010 essay is subtitled: “What should medicine do when it can’t save your life?”

By Atul Gawande | Vol. 11

The Sustainable

Interview: Atul Gawande

This brief profile of Gawande introduces his work and explains how the surgeon, born to two doctors, became a bestselling author.

By Sukhdev Sandhu | Vol. 11

The Sustainable

Being Mortal

Video | Gawande encourages patients and doctors to think well about death.

By FRONTLINE | Vol. 11


The Good

On Disability

This week’s articles highlight the work of Jean Vanier, founder of an international network of communities for the intellectually disabled called L'Arche.

By Philip Lorish | Vol. 10

The Good

Jean Vanier Wins Templeton Prize

A brief look at the life and work of Vanier, this year's Templeton Prize winner.

By Chris Herlinger | Vol. 10

The Good

The Gift of Living With the Not Gifted

Ahmari offers a look at life inside L’Arche, a community dedicated to "mark[ing] human dignity where it is least physically obvious."

By Sohrab Ahmari | Vol. 10

The Good

Interview: Jean Vanier

Vanier, now 86, reflects on his life, L’Arche, and sainthood in this brief interview with BBC Radio.

By BBC Radio | Vol. 10


The Just

On Religion & Politics in a Secular Age

This week we report on several theologians’ attempts to make sense of the diversification of religious expression in the modern world.

By Philip Lorish | Vol. 9

The Just

Luke Bretherton On Religion and the Public Sphere

Interview | Bretherton, of Duke Divinity School, challenges religious communities to build a shared life with their neighbors despite deep differences.

By Chris Baker | Vol. 9

The Just

No Politics in Church? Not So Fast.

A recent study of five diverse congregations highlights the role of ordinary church practices in the work of faithfully forging a common life.

By Sam Speers & Kristopher Norris | Vol. 9

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