One expression of the complexity of our pluralistic age is the cacophony of voices competing for our attention, not least on the internet. Culture Briefing is designed to help chart a course through this complexity by drawing attention to conversations that help us see the world we live in more clearly.

It was not uncommon in the early days of Twitter to see a phrase to the effect of “RTs ≠ Endorsements.” At bottom, this was a form of creating distance between the purveyor of knowledge and the content of the articles being shared. In one respect, this makes intuitive sense and represents the position of Culture Briefing: we at New City Commons are not in the business of defending each and every claim of each and every piece posted here.

In another sense, however, Culture Briefing is unashamedly an attempt to attract and direct your attention. As we all know well, navigating the world of internet-based writing can be like tending an overgrown garden after a summer vacation: the excitement of fresh produce is real, but also tempered by the need to clear away the weeds.

Within this climate, Culture Briefing takes its curatorial role with the utmost seriousness. The objective is fairly basic: to gather and showcase ideas that we think are worthy of your attention. Here you will find writers of all kinds—essayists, journalists, poets, preachers, and even the occasional academic—each identifying the complex contours of our moment in history. These matters may or may not be of great urgency, and from time to time, we’ll use this space for our own musings. Our hope is that, in time, this collection of ideas will be useful to you by helping you better understand the world we inhabit—both the great challenges to human flourishing we face, and the real possibilities for enduring change.