Reimagining the Common Good

Our Perspective

A New Moment | We believe that we live together in a time of world-historic cultural change, marked by fundamental disagreements over the nature of human identity, the meaning of the common good, and the possibilities of civic life.  

A New Paradigm | We believe that in response to these complex changes many institutional leaders are seeking a new paradigm for the common good; a paradigm in which we, rather than denying our differences or seeking to dominate those around us, seek creatively to serve one another and the cities we share.

A New City Commons | We believe that the work of caring for our neighbors will require us to understand the complexity of our time, re-imagine the nature of civic life, and re-dedicate ourselves to nurturing strong civic institutions—economic, educational, political, artistic, and religious—for the sake of the common good.

Our Process

We believe that cultural wisdom develops most effectively at the intersection of knowledge and relationships.

Knowledge | Over the last twenty years, we have labored with some of the world’s best scholars to develop a deep knowledge of culture and cultural change. Our research and educational projects compile, translate, and distribute this knowledge to help institutional leaders more faithfully pursue the common good within their vocations.

Relationships | Today, we labor with men and women around the world by bringing knowledge and relationships together to form a generation of faithful, wise, imaginative, and culturally aware leaders. Our consulting and gathering projects focus on educating and encouraging existing networks of institutional leaders across a variety of vocational sectors. Our goal is that over time, these networks will become true communities, working together to address common concerns by developing common language and imagining a common future—a new city commons.


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