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Reimagining the Common Good

Who We Are

We are an education and consulting team that seeks to support the church in its work of reimagining the common good, reinvigorating cultural institutions, and renewing civic life.

What We Do

We combine a strong theological vision of the calling of the church, deep scholarly research on culture and cultural change, and broad networks of institutional leaders to create innovative educational and consulting materials to strengthen the church in the work of serving its neighbors.

How to Participate

Learn. We offer a host of educational resources—including short weekly briefings, substantive articles, executive education materials, and book-length projects—all designed to strengthen the church in its work in our time. Read along with us.

Invite. We happily send our team members to serve individual institutional leaders, organizational boards, and larger network gatherings through public presentations or private strategic support. We’d love to visit you.

Partner. We are eager to build collaborative friendships of mutual support with both individuals and institutions seeking to serve the common good. Partner with us.

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Each week, we curate a short list of must-read articles from around the web. We call it Culture Briefing, and it is designed to cultivate cultural wisdom by gathering and showcasing important ideas and conversations.

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New City Commons

A summary of this week's articles, which reckon with the ethical challenges posed by phsyician-assisted dying.


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